Developers are listed in the chronological order of when they joined the DoGPack software project.

  • James Rossmanith (University of Wisconsin):
    • Originator and lead developer
    • Working on MHD, 2-fluid plasma, and kinetic plasma applications
  • Evan Alec Johnson (University of Wisconsin):
    • Added many features to original DoGPack (improved Makefiles, MATLAB plotting routines, file I/O, and introduced OpenMP calls)
    • Working on 2-fluid plasma problems.
  • David Seal (University of Wisconsin):
    • Developing implicit time-stepping capabilities into DoGPack.
    • Working on kinetic plasma problems.
  • Scott Moe (University of Washington):
    • Developing Python plotting scripts.
    • Working on adaptive mesh refinement and local time-stepping techniques.
  • Yongtao Cheng (University of Wisconsin)
    • Developing various Euler equation examples.
    • Working on plasma applications.