sphereCLAW: Hyperbolic PDEs on the surface of a sphere

Written by James A. Rossmanith

Description: This code is described in detail in the following paper:

J.A. Rossmanith, A wave propagation method for hyperbolic systems on the sphere,
Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 213, pp. 629--658, 2006.

sphereCLAW is an extension of the CLAWMAN code developed by Bale and Rossmanith, which is in turn an extension of the CLAWPACK (version 4.3) code developed by LeVeque. The code uses a high-resolution shock-capturing finite volume method for solving various hyperbolic PDEs that are confined to the surface of a sphere. Examples include the advection and shallow water equations, which are important in large-scale atmospheric modeling. Another example is the shallow water MHD system, which is important in solar physics for modeling the solar tachocline. The numerical grid used on the sphere is the six-grid cubed sphere approach. Below is a picture of the basic grid.

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